Launches Crypto University for the Budding Crypto Marketers

WIKI TOKENS Crypto University

“When we created «BitcoinWiki», very few people shared our belief that in a couple of years cryptocurrency would become as globally popular as it has. Today, we believe that Crypto University is the future of modern education” – «» team.

10, May, 2018,

The era of cryptocurrency has taken a crypto world to another level. The growth in crypto technology resulted into the inception of, an online encyclopedia that is a space containing all the relevant information about the crypto world. The ethics of the encyclopedia revolves around the political freedom, independence, and handy knowledge related to bitcoin for all the people desirous of attaining a better understanding of the subject.

They are now looking forward to the creation of Crypto University: that will be an educational platform free of publicity, thought control, and political bias. The main aim of the platform is to help the aspiring crypto users to cope with the emerging technologies like blockchain.

The university aims at offering freedom to the students for sharing and accessing information related to cryptocurrency, the blockchain, novel technology in the crypto world, outlooks and reaction of the miners and investors. For the ones looking for an updated report, it will be one of the best places to halt around.

They are also launching an exciting concept of the circulation of the Wiki tokens within the University bringing library, faculty, and campus under the same dome. Here the users can attain tokens for receiving education on cryptocurrency as well as for the creation of the related courses. They can earn these tokens in return for accepting and imparting the information. The designers of the courses will be the professors, while the ones who will enroll will be the students of the University.

The concept of Wiki token is something that will encourage many aspiring crypto freaks to be a part of the University. Hence, is proud to announce that 

“The Wiki token (WIKI) has been listed on, just two weeks after its pre-offering release last April 9th. The token will be essential to the ecosystem of Crypto University –'s unbiased, propaganda-free educational project.” and Tokenwallet ( are already supporting Wiki tokens. You can avail the pairs of WIKI/BTC, WIKI/ETH, WIKI/USTD from the crypto market.

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