Bitcoin Cash – Do You Know How to Buy it?

buying bitcoin cash

The concept of Bitcoin is incredible, but at the same time, it has been facing persistent criticisms from the day of its derivation.

Especially the scalability issues it had been through in the recent past resulted in the conception of Bitcoin cash.With the concept entering the scene, people focus shifted to buying bitcoin cash.

A piece of cake here is that you can buy it from any of the existing Crypto exchanges out there. With the growing buzz for the currency each day, the increase in the demand for the same is evident. 

But, let me tell you that don’t get swayed away with the market heck if you don’t know how it works.

My advice to the newbies is to do extensive research before you purchase bitcoin cash.

Also, let me inform you that it is one of the most desired altcoins for a significant reason and, i.e., its feature of 8 MB Block size that makes it a fantastic platform.

Hence, it allows more data per block, conceding more number of transactions in each block. For a unique reason, it has managed to gather that popularity in the uptight market of cryptocurrency.

Don’t you think, It’s cool?

Bitcoin Cash is exceptional and this article highlights the simple ways on “How to Get Bitcoin Cash.” 

  • Bitcoin Wallet - You need one of these wallets to stock your funds. There are many out there. Coinbase, Blockchain, Circle, Xapo, Strongcoin, Trezor, Ledger, Keepkay,, Coinomi, and Bitpay are some of the electronic platforms where you can create a wallet for yourself. 
  • Bitcoin Exchange - Coinbase, eToro, Livecoin, Tidex, CEX.IO, Bitfinex, Coinone, Bitthumb are a few of the Bitcoin exchanges that is a perfect answer to a question from where to buy Bitcoin Cash. It’s pretty simple! Things are electronically managed here, and you can hang on with the process by following the given instruction on the portal.
  • Credit Card - My-My! It is undoubtedly the most convenient approach to cracking a deal. Like any other ecommerce portal, you can click the buy button here, choose the mode of payment, enter your details, and your job is done. Mind you, this is an expensive alternative, and if you opt for it, please consider your margin before initiating with the purchase through this method. 
  • Bank Transfer - You may opt for bank transfer by paying a fee of 0.2%. It is indeed a practical option compared to the formal one.
  • Transfer to your wallet - Transfer to your wallet - Not to forget that it is your money and you should not leave it unattended under the surveillance of crypto exchanges. Transferring it to your wallet must be the necessary step to put into action. After all, it’s your money! Keep it safe and in the right place always.

Buying a Bitcoin cash may seem to be a cakewalk, but poses myriad of challenges for the beginners. So, if the question “how do I buy bitcoin cash” is pinning your mind often, do your homework before hopping into Crypto world.

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