Litecoin Cash Plans for Worlds First Cryptocurrency SpaceDrop Looks Forward to a Historic Moment

Litecoin Cash Plans for Worlds First Cryptocurrency SpaceDrop Looks Forward to a Historic Moment

16, May, 2018, LiteCoin

Ever since the inception of the Bitcoin, newer technology and ways of distribution of the same has been revolutionized. The idea of cryptocurrency space-drop is indeed one of the most incredible and up-and-coming ideas that Litecoin Cash has sprung up with.

Just imagine a rising balloon over an altitude of 32 kms (100000 feet) and an eccentric dispersal of golden tickets from the sky. Indeed! A mesmerizing view of about an hour it will be along with an avenue for a great opportunity for many people out there in Great Britain, France, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. To add to it, a bespoke camera of 360 degrees too will be installed to capture the video of the event to make it available for the people.

The event according to marks the completion of grand finale season and concludes the success of the initial two months of the event in which a community has been promoted and nourished. Also, it marks the victory of the release of white paper and core wallets, porting of server software and SPV desktop wallet.

Team LiteCoin Cash states:

Certainly the opportunity focuses on the creation of memorable experiences among the founders of the golden tickets. The first ever event of airdrop will bring reward followed by excitement and joy among the masses of the community.

Sent Into Space is known for making use of high-end technology and research in the Near Space for creating exhilarating experienced. Since the year 2011, they have been the global experts in the space flight operations. The company is a fast growing firm that is located in Sheffield, UK. With Sent into Space, the first ever cryptocurrency drop appears to be a reality.

The historic event will be a breakthrough in the crypto market and will lead to further developments in the concerned field.

Roger, a team member from the team LCC explains:

To know more about the event, visit the website of Litecoin Cash at

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